CHEZBAILBAIL is currently one of the best classifieds websites to make  ads worldwide. With countless real estate and car ads, goods and services related mainly to the real estate market, but also other properties arranged by individuals or companies. We are proud to provide a quality service, appreciated by users from all over the world.

Chezbailbail is the safe and easy way to rent your appartments, to sublet (1 month to 2 years) or a lease transfer in a relatively short time.

This is the ideal site to get last minute accommodation, temporary accommodation furnished at a cost adapted to your portfolio.

By buying quality products from chezbailbail, you help people in your area make money from their unused items and reduce waste, which greatly contributes to the ecological survival of our planet.

CHEZBAILBAIL, has made itself a privileged place among the big ones of the platforms of sale on internet since its birth in 2018.

Thousands of Internet users everywhere are reading your ad.

- You have the unique chance to rent your home, sell your car, other items or services in a relatively short time.

Are you on a business trip, with your family or as a couple? Find temporary housing that meets your needs, Chezbailbail.

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We would love to hear from you, to fill your need sat any time.

You find nonconformity or a need to fill missing on the platform Chezbailbail? Would you like to tell us that your region or community does not receive our services? Or do you simply need the assistance of our customer service? Contact us. For media inquiries, please zingou.inc@chezbailbail.com.


Our solutions have been designed to meet the needs of small retailers, private sellers or department stores. The ultimate goal is to enable solutions Chezbailbail is to help all these sellers reach their target customers quickly in a very simple way and popularize their sales or their stores.

For the seller

We open our window on a wide range of loyal buyers and ready to make purchases of goods and services.

A simple and effective interface allows buyers to start their visit by specifying the purpose and location of their search. Their satisfaction lies both in the ease of finding the relevant products they are looking for regardless of their definition or cost. 

Whether you want to increase visibility to sell through your website, stores or both, we make sure your products are seen at the right time by highly motivated buyers around the world.


One of the objectives of Chezbailbail is to bring together on its platform, the best players in the field of real estate (building inspectors, real estate broker, notary or lawyer).

Indeed, to avoid possible errors when buying your home, the advice of a broker should precede your offer to buy. The latter is also able to find the best mortgage rate that fits your financial capacity. We put at your disposal the tools to find the best brokers.

In addition, an inspection is a prerequisite before the purchase of any property. By making use of the services of an inspector, the latter will help you to find hidden defects, structural problems, insulation problems as well as possible losses that the building has already had to undergo. Thus, you can make your purchase offer at its fair value and make the best possible negotiation. Use the Chezbailbail platform wisely to find the best pre-purchase inspectors.

Whether you buy alone, with your spouse or with a business partner, the choice of an experienced notary is crucial to make an informed purchase and avoid inconvenience with business partners, or with business partners. in the event of a dispute. Many notaries with many years of experience are available, so use the Chezbailbail platform to have the proper notary.

By using our platform for your ads or for your purchases of goods and services, you represented the first business partner for Chezbailbail. That's why we demand high quality content and services that respect the legality and values of Chezbailbail. 



We try our best to ensure the security of the users of Chezbailbail, however, as for most sites like us in the classifieds, it can happen that malicious people try to defraud or ripped off the community. We believe that one way to ensure security is to ensure that all transactions take place locally and in person. We would like to advise you that Chezbailbail cannot have time to check all ads before they are posted on the site. 


How to publish an ad

The Chezbailbail platform has been designed to make it easy to display an ad in a very quick and easy way!

To get started, access your Chezbailbail account if you have one by selecting “Sign In" or "LOGIN" in the drop-down menu at the top left of your browser screen. If you do not have a Chezbailbail account, you can directly choose "POST A FREE ADD".

To publish an ad:

1 Select the button that corresponds to one of the “BUY" categories; "SELL" (sell) or "RENT" (RENT).

 Then select a subcategory from the "Select a categories" menu, for example REAL ESTATE (Real estate), CAR (CARS), or SERVICES (SERVICES) ...

2 Choose the type of ad, ie by the owner (private)or by a company, if you are a company.

 3 Enter a title for your ad in the "ad title" box (add a title).

4 Enter a brief description of your advertisement (sales or service) in the "Describe Ad" box (description).

5 Enter the requested dollar value for your ad, but do not add the "$" symbol.

In the case of Services, Real Estate, Jobs, Cars and Vehicles or Vacation Rentals, you have the option to add a Visibility package. You can display your ad with or without packages. These allow you to maximize your visibility compared to other ads.

 6 You can then download descriptive photos of your ad using the "browse “buttons.

7 Once the photos have been uploaded, fill in the form with your information and click on "SUBMIT". You will be redirected to your account page and the ad is now available