SECTIONA (postingrules)

It is your responsibility to ensure that the activities carried out on Chezbailbail comply with the regulations in the country or region of destination.

You must not:

Advertise and sell items that are illegal to buy, sell or own in your place of residence.

Post ads for the sale of prohibited items and services in your place of residence.

View the same ad using different email addresses.

Create premeditated traffic on another website by posting ads on Chezbailbail for the sole purpose of generating such traffic.

Promote or advertise banned jobs in destination regions or countries.

Make ads using keywords that have no direct connection to the items for sale.

Make announcements in a language other than those permitted.

Post pornographic or adult content ads.

Post ads for the sale of sexual services. Dating announcements are strictly prohibited.

Post ads containing defamatory or hateful material to an individual, group or community.

Post political, religious or opinion content,these opinions and topics of discussion should rather be shared on social media sites and not on our networks.

Advertise misleading information or in an inappropriate category.

Post ads as a private seller, owner or individual when you are a business, a dealer or a professional.


 Ads that do not comply with Chezbailbail'spolicies may be removed from the site. Disciplinary action may be taken against users who violate our policies and may lose their access to the Chezbailbailsite permanently.

 Any announcement that we believe is detriment alto the well-being of individuals ora group or that goes against the values of Chezbailbail can be removed at anytime.

Chezbailbail is brought to you by Zigou Inc.,at 3237 rue dela forêt, Lévis, Quebec, G6J 1K9.


In order to optimize your use of Chezbailbail's services and manage your sales and purchases, you may need to register with us and create an account using your email address and password to access "your account". The email address you provide will be the email address attached to your name. It is your sole responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your password to protect your transactions. You will be fully and exclusively responsible for all activities that take place in your account. You must protect your password and return it by choosing a code difficult to guess by someone other than you.

 If you have any reason to believe that your account has been misused or that its security may have been compromised, please contact Chezbailbail Support Services immediately.


SECTION B (Use of the services of Chezbailbail.)

 Any user placing ad sin the categories or the appropriate area must avoid the following misconduct:

Violate the laws and regulations in force on the prohibited contents;

Disclose untruthful or questionable information that may mislead the recipient;

Infringement of rights held by a third party or organization;

Spread spam, counterfeit or offer multi-level marketing systems, pyramids.

Introduce viruses or other technologies likely to harm Chezbailbail or the interests and assets of other users of our platform such ashacking or promote similar activities;

Imposing unreasonable and illegal surcharges on our platform or interfering with the proper functioning of Chezbailbail.

The user assumes the responsibility to respect the copyrighton any content belonging to others;

Contribute to the fight against the misuse of Chezbailbailservices

We suggest you use our reporting system to reveal any problem, any offending content so that together we can combat the misuse and ensure the proper functioning of the services.

Chezbailbail gives itself the right to terminate, suspend or reduce access to its services, remove inappropriate hosted content and take legal measures to prohibit access to its platforms to certain users if there is reason to believe that their activities are in contravention of its regulation sand / or values. However, Chezbailbail declines any responsibility in case of unauthorized or illegal use of its platforms by its users against whom the decision to prohibit or not access has been established. 

Space on the international market.

The activities of Chezbailbail can be relayed by our potential partners around the world, and allow to publish your ad on other sites of the international community such as other classified sites (eBay, Amazon...) and In other countries. When you use Chezbail. bail services, you automatically agree that your ad can be relayed to these potential sites. The terms of use on these other sites are similar to those of this site, but you may be subject to other laws and restrictions in the countries where your ad will be posted. It is your responsibility to ensure that your ad does not violate any terms of use of the partner sites. ChezbailbaiI reserves the right to delete your ad if it is posted on partner sites or if it considers that itviolates a law or modality of use.